Song Saturday

10 Oct

I have realized – as cheesy as it sounds – that certain songs define or explain parts of my life better than I ever could. In fact, several songs remind me of certain relationships or points in time within those relationships. You know what I mean – whether it is a song you heard when you first met the person, a song that played in the car going to a fantastic date, or a song you heard right after you broke up. When you hear that song, you always think of that person. And it isn’t always bad – its just a remembrance.

So I am kicking off Song Saturday, where I’ll explain how one song impacted me at one point or another. This is a BEP song – something the last BF and I heard ALL THE TIME. And he would actually sing it even when it wasn’t playing just to annoy me (in a cute way, of course.)

And yes, I am feeling much better today than I did yesterday. Caught up with a friend I haven’t spoken with in several weeks and we’re meeting up for martinis – or was it mudslides – tonight. Very excited.
Talk tomorrow!


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