Chin Up – You Need to Move on

14 Oct

So I miss the latest ex. I thought I was doing OK, but something hit me earlier today and I miss him. Maybe it was because I just talked about him with a coworker or maybe it’s because (for some odd reason) I just thought of a fun date we had.  He wasn’t the be all and end all, and ultimately I know he wasn’t “the one.”   But it still sucks from time to time.  One more realization for the day.  I need to give him a nickname– I think BSF and I decided on “Slovak Boy.”  Can you guess where he is from?  Moving forward, that is his name in this blog. Not the latest ex.

And when I feel like this in the future, I need to remember what my SUPER COOL, FANTABULOUS cousin from N.C. told me last week: “Chin up – you need to move on.”  Or something like that – I was too busy crying to remember his exact words to me.

Well, I’m winding down the work day and I am getting ready for a fab dinner with BSF and gearing up for GLEE tonight!  Yes, I’m a goober….


One Response to “Chin Up – You Need to Move on”

  1. D. Fleming October 14, 2009 at 5:55 pm #

    Hang in there. It’s natural to miss him since you had a connection but I promise that when you find the one it will be that much more amazing! Plus, Glee is on tonight!!! 😉

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