Alone with My Own Thoughts

25 Oct

I never wanted this blog to be a total bitch fest – and I hope that it isn’t. But for the past two weekends, I have been alone with my own thoughts. And this isn’t a bad thing. Let  me explain.

The summer – like it is for most people – was very busy for me.  Weddings, showers, bachelorette parties, a few concerts, a trip to Cali. All good things.  I was always busy – to the point when I wanted to be alone.

So here I am on a lovely Sunday afternoon – not looking forward to facing a new work week as I watch my Fins play the Saints.  I’m still relaxing from a good, long walk along the beach and smelling the apple crisp “baking” in my crockpot.  And I am sitting here alone with my thoughts.  Here are a few things that are running through my mind:

  • What is my first love doing?
  • What is SB doing? Is he watching football? Studying? With his friends?
  • The one who I’m actually still friends with – is he with his new gf today?
  • How am I going to cope once we turn the clocks back in just a week? Can I handle the dark early evenings?
  • How am I going to buy all the gifts I need to for the holidays?
  • And on that note – when will prices on flights go down so I can actually afford to go home for the holidays?
  • Is Bella really happy?  I mean, I think she is, but she would rather lay under my bed than spend the day here with me.

See, not just about the ex’s. But alone with your thoughts can open your mind to other questions.  And I do think this will be the last of these types of weekends for me.  As we move into the holidays, not only will parties come up, travel will begin, but I am going to be celebrating the birth of several new babies.  Two baby showers alone in November, and plans to see my friends for the Fins/Pats game.   All good.

Hopefully being out and about will help get all these thoughts out of my head.


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