1 Nov

I’m in the holiday spirit.  Not sure what happened, but for some reason I went to the grocery store this morning (big feat for me) and smiled when I saw the holiday decorations.  Just 24 hours ago, I would have cringed,but for some reason today, I was happy.

It has been a long time since I dated someone during the holidays – I miss shopping for them and doing a gift exchange.  And for some reason, people tend to equate the holidays with having someone special in their lives.  While I miss “the love of my life” during the holidays, I still know I have several special people in my life that make the holidays worthwhile.  They, along with the following are several reasons are why I can smile this holiday season:

  1. I get to wake up to a purring kitty every morning. She has been one of the only constants in my life for more than a year.
  2. I was able to “bob” for vodka and olives with one of my favorite people at one of my favorite restaurants on Halloween (and yes! as we made fun of girls “dressed up” for the night.)
  3. I booked my Turkey Day flight – finally!
  4. My dad may come up here and have a “white Xmas” rather than me having to travel to MIA (which would be awesome to finally celebrate a holiday in my home.)
  5. Next week I get to shop for ingredients for my mother’s broccoli and cheese recipe for a mock Turkey Day dinner – so excited to do this with some of my favorite girls. And the recipe reminds me of her every time.
  6. I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to my favorite “adopted brother and sister’s” house for Sunday dinners.
  7. The leaves are changing and I get to witness every day when I look out my window.

Since seven is my lucky number – I’ll stop with seven reasons for today. I have many, many more to discuss. Maybe next week, I’ll have seven more to share.  What about you -what are you thankful for this holiday season?


2 Responses to “FINALLY…”

  1. jolene1079 November 1, 2009 at 12:10 pm #

    Aww – awesome post!!! I am so glad you had fun last night too BTW! AND that you booked your turkey day flight AND that you are excited for next Saturday (I am too!). What am I thankful for? For good friends (BSF!), family, and to be in a much, much, MUCH better place emotionally. Wouldn’t trade that for the world 😉

  2. Jess November 1, 2009 at 1:22 pm #

    LOVE this!! So much to be thankful for, including super amazing, super fab friends like YOU lady!! xoxo

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