Minor updates and my thoughts on winter

4 Nov

Like I said, minor.  Let’s do a run down:

  • No word back from SB in weeks. SO ANNOYING. Friends, huh? Friends return emails.  I’ve decided if I don’t hear from him by Turkey Day – defriend!
  • Tall Boy – well, he texted me on Sat night. After I just hung up with our mutual friend.  He just wanted to make fun of my fav college football team.  Whatever.  Anyway, when he found I was chatting with said friend, he got nervous.  I felt bad – we made a pact not to discuss with her and I’m honoring it. I assured him I said nothing. He exhaled.
  • I wish I had a third…I don’t, I said minor updates. I need a date soon. 🙂

So, my thoughts on winter. Again, nothing major. BUT I’ve always been of the mindset that calories do NOT count between Halloween through New Year’s Eve.  (Yeah, right!) And I eat like they don’t count….maybe that’s why I’m single.

But I always keep New Year’s resolution to go back to the gym.


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