Song Saturday: Why Can’t I?

7 Nov

Yes, some people say it is Liz Phair’s sell out song. But I don’t. I like a lot of her songs, I always have, but this one reminds me of “Work Boy.” Yes, let’s take another walk down memory lane.

Let me preface this: I’ve dated – or slept with – two co-workers in the past decade.  Not something I’m proud of, but hey life is full of experiences and this was one of mine.

One of the guys I really liked.  YES REAAAAAAAAAALY LIKED.  And I realized even back then that he had one persona in the office (egotistical jerk!), but quite another one when we dated (sweet, thoughtful, gentlemanly.)  We had a blast together – liked going to the same places, doing the same things. I watched the Pats win the Superbowl at his house with him and his friends.   And then…..

SCREECH!  Yes, that would be the car stopping. Not even in first gear.

He broke my heart.  We went out for two months and then we went to a party on what seemed like a normal Saturday night. Here’s how the evening went down:

  1. He picked me up <insert awwwwwww>
  2. We went out to the bar for a party – I met some of his friends, we had a couple of cocktails, we kissed a little, we held hands (it was so obvious we were together)
  3. And then…dum dum dum: he introduced me to someone as his “friend”  (SCREECH! That was in my head.)
  4. We left together
  5. We went back to his house – he dropped me off at the front door and I walked upstairs, while he parked the car a block away in his parking spot.  (He wanted me to stay warm – it was March ’04 – FREEZING! Very sweet.)
  6. When he finally came upstairs, I asked why he just referred to me as a friend (Here’s my point. I was happy and didn’t want a label. I didn’t want him to put *ANY* title to us – I just didn’t like being referred to as just a friend.  It was obvious we were dating – read point #2 )
  7. He didn’t like that I said something and decided he no longer wanted to date me (yes, just like that!)
  8. I left – he offered to drive me home. ONCE. I declined. I walked out.  IN THE FREEZING COLD!
  9. I walked out of his building which happens to be in a shady neighborhood at 2 AM, in one of the coldest winters in Boston history (good thing I lived in that neighborhood for four years once before so I knew my way around…)
  10. ….but thank god a cabbie picked me up quickly

Later that night/next day:

  1. He didn’t even call or text to see if I got home OK
  2. He then made it known he was over me at the office – I overheard conversations he had right by my cube (he was calculating, I’m sure he planned it.)
  3. He THEN TOLD PEOPLE WE DATED. It was HIS idea not to say anything and then he did – and not just to any co-workers, but to one of my MANAGERS!

He’s now married and I’m still single – where is the justice in that?!??!?!

EGOTISTICAL JERK!  I learned my lesson and I will never date someone I work with – AGAIN! However, this song came out when we were dating and because, at the time, it fit our relationship perfectly, it holds a special place in my heart.   Yes Liz Phair, I still like it and don’t think you are a sell out. However Work Boy, you will always and forever be an egotistical jerk.


3 Responses to “Song Saturday: Why Can’t I?”

  1. Jess November 9, 2009 at 9:41 am #

    Ok, fair enough. He was a total jerkface. BUT I wouldn’t nix dating a guy you meet at work in its entirety. I met Scott at work and so far it’s worked out pretty good, right? Just sayin’, don’t knock it entirely, you never know when or WHERE your “the one” may find you 😉 xoxo

  2. Snark B November 9, 2009 at 3:14 pm #

    Maybe you could modify the rule: don’t date guys who are egotistical jerks at the office, even if they’re nice otherwise.

    Good song.

    • Mel November 10, 2009 at 9:39 pm #

      True – and who knows I may have a new story too. We’ll see…

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