Song Saturday: Hit Me Baby

14 Nov

OK, fine, I admit it! I HEART BRITNEY SPEARS!!  I never wanted to admit that in public – but OK, OK, I love her. And I always have.  The “First Love of My Life” aka FLOML, used to come out of the shower and dance around in a towel to this song to make me laugh. It was cute. It was one of our “things.” But I guess with more than seven years together, we had a lot of “things” – good and bad.

And OK, OK its also kinda embarrassing to admit this little story about us – BUT who cares?  He doesn’t know I have this blog and will never find out, so posting it here is TOTALLY fine in my mind.

I miss him, I do.  And when I hear this song, I always think of him.  It is a good memory of him.  Enjoy!


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  1. Song Saturday: Journey with the Seven Year Man « This is Why I Date - April 3, 2010

    […] Posted by Mel in Song Saturday. Tagged: Dating, Friends, Journey, Me. Leave a Comment OK, so this isn’t a song , but I’m going to reference a few of my past Song Saturday posts.  I used to date a man for seven years.  SEVEN YEARS!  Phew – boy was I tired. I think of a lot of songs when I think of him.  You can listen to a couple here and here. […]

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