And the Stockings Were Hung…

27 Dec

And they’re about to be taken down….

Kinda sad if you think about it. You spend days, weeks, tons of money preparing for the holidays.  Picking out gifts, menus, flights, etc. and you build up all this anticipation.  For what?

I guess waking up to my dad being in the same house for a week or speaking with my cousins’ kids makes it all worth it. But shouldn’t you be “giving” all the time?  I mean, really. Isn’t part of life being a good person?  Shouldn’t you always want to make people smile?

I was raised to give to people who were less fortunate. Since I graduated with my undergrad degree, I’ve done just that. I donate to Goodwill at least 2-3x/year, I donate to ASPCA monthly, the shelter where I adopted Bella yearly, and various cancer charities throughout the year.  And for two+ years, I volunteered with BBBS.  It made me feel like I was doing something for the greater good.

So why do I tout all of these wonderful things? To pat myself on the back? Naw.  But to remind myself of what I lost in the last year.  Don’t get me wrong – 2009 was good. It was a lot of fun. But it was a transition year. I dated…a lot, got a new job when I thought all was lost, got my house in order.  Unfortunately though, at some point, I forgot who I was, why I loved volunteering, why I loved learning.  In 2010, I hope to regain part of what I lost. I hope to find a cause to volunteer for again or a new class to take, so I continue learning.

Does this have anything to do with dating? Maybe yes, maybe no. But it gets me back to being me and that makes me one step closer to finding the right person who will make me happy.



One Response to “And the Stockings Were Hung…”

  1. jolene1079 December 28, 2009 at 12:25 pm #

    great post!! You are a generous person, one of the many things I love about you!! 🙂 Your outlook for 2010 is awesome, I love it. PS, did you know Bella is one of the most popular pet names in 2009? 🙂

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