Book Quote #2

18 Feb

From the same book I referenced earlier, here’s another quote to ponder:

“Because no matter how much or how little two peiple you love have in common….They’re still in the same fraternity, just as you’re in the same sorority with everyone Andy has ever loved.  There’s just an unspoken kinshit there, like it or not.”

In this part of the book, the heroine’s sister is saying that, like it or not, all the men she has ever loved have something in common. She loved them.  Just as she has something in common with every girlfriend her husband had loved before he met her – he loved them all.

It’s interesting to think – how I am connected with all the current girlfriends, fiancees, and wives my exes now have.  And how they are connected to me – because we all cared for the same person.  I never thought of that and how there is some kind of bond – no matter how freaky or scary that sounds.  We all loved and cared for that person and that will never change (if I can’t stand that person now.) Weird, huh? But makes sense…

Makes  me wonder – could I get along with said ex and his current (and possibly permanent) woman in his life? I’d like to think I could take the high road and say yes, I can. And the reality is for one night – I could have a drink with them, admit our commonalities, and then politely part ways. I don’t think I could stay friends. That would just be too weird.


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