Best Wingwoman…EVER!

3 Apr

So last night was very interesting. Very interesting.

I went out with a friend/former co-worker last night. We had a blast.  Went to Margaritas for Mexican and sangrias and then moved on to another bar she’s been raving about for weeks.

She introduced me to a great new drink  (The De Va) and she introduced me to a new boy.  My friend is in a relationship, so when this man started talking to us (after we kinda blew off his loser friend who started talking with us first – we had to at least give him credit), I had to laugh because I was the only single gal he was speaking with. I don’t think he knew that.

Long story short, we had a couple of drinks, danced a little (my club girl days are kinda behind me though), talked sports,  and I think I got asked out for tomorrow.  He took my number and we’ll see if he calls.

Oh wait…there’s a random number (no joke!) popping up on my cell as I write this. Wow. Weird.

Thanks wingwoman – you rock!


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