THIS Is Why I Date

13 May

I am on a constant journey – through life and to define who I am. I’ve looked at how I have changed in the last year, five years, 10…and so on and so on. Fundamentally I am still the same scared (with a tough exterior) Miami chick who wanted to conquer Beantown and then the world 14 years ago when I moved here.  Fourteen – wow, even the number just seems big.  But that scared, tough Miami girl has blossomed into a confident woman who understands that one aspect of your life doesn’t define who you are. It is the culmination of those aspects that define YOU.

Yes, there have been some tough times (but who hasn’t had those days), but there have also been some amazing ones too. So I’m reminding myself of who I am, why life is good, and why I date.

Life is good because..

  • My father is healthy
  • My family is healthy (dramatic, but hey, that works!)
  • My friends are my rock even when I’m not
  • I’ve been able to vent/get my energy out through this blog (and have “met” amazing people along the way)
  • I can look back at my best friend’s wedding day and think “damn, what an awesome day and I’m proud I was part of it..even if I did cry during my speech and didn’t drink as many tequila shots as MY DAD”
  • I’ve heard countless times…I have something to tell you.  You’re going to be an auntie
  • My cat cozies up to me every time I walk in my door and falls asleep at my feet every night
  • I’ve heard the words “Congratulations on your new home”
  • I’ve had the opportunity to travel to places I’ve wanted
  • I’m in debt – but due to these trips and grad school, which means I’ve tried new things and tried to better myself
  • I lived through a tough recession – being laid off and finding a job in under three months was remarkable during that time
  • I get to wake up every morning and look out at the beach
  • I have an elliptical machine in my house, reminding me to maintain a healthy balance
  • I can participate in events to raise awareness for causes I believe in and I’ve had the opportunity to be a “big sister” to someone who needed a person to vent to
  • I have fun with my coworkers at lunch
  • I get to celebrate one of my dearest friend’s bday in a city I love, meet some amazing people in just under a week in Sin City, and I finally get to go to my Miami home  after 18 long months to see my dad…
  • Even when things are bad, I can look at this list and remind myself…hey life is good
  • …And know this list is ever growing and will not end

And to add, this is why I date:

  • To find someone to understand me and my list
  • To meet the person who can appreciate my good and bad points/sides
  • To be with someone who will enjoy waking up next me to just say “good morning beautiful. how did you sleep?

Simple list, don’t you think?

What makes YOU feel good? What reminds you that life is good?


4 Responses to “THIS Is Why I Date”

  1. jsutera654 May 13, 2010 at 4:24 pm #

    Amen sista!! Life is good cuz I have fab friends like YOU! mwah 😉

  2. jolene1079 May 13, 2010 at 4:25 pm #

    LOVE this list my friend, those are all wonderful things to be happy about!! And I agree with you on the reasons to date…I would love to wake up to “morning, beautiful” – and we both will experience it eventually 🙂

  3. IntrigueMe May 20, 2010 at 2:06 pm #

    Funny… I have an eliptical in my house too and it never reminds me to use it…

    • Mel May 21, 2010 at 5:22 pm #

      HAHAHAHHA! I like you already!!

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