This Is NOT A Pity Party

12 Jul

We all have them. Personal and professional triumphs. And personal and professional challenges. Lately, I feel I’ve had more of the latter than the former. But I REFUSE to discuss them. I refuse to go in-depth on these subjects. THIS IS NOT A PITY PARTY.

Rather, I’d like to focus on some sage advice various friends have given me over the past two days. These are paraphrased and some are their own gems, some are pieces of advice we have all heard before:

  • You will only find the one and be happy if you are happy. So do what you like to make yourself happy.
  • No one will make you feel bad, unless you let them.

And they’re right. I have to do what I want to make myself happy.  Funny enough, I have introduced both of them before in my blog.  A and the BFBC.  All are great friends of mine and know me in and out. So I take what they have to say to heart. All of them are straight shooters with me and are loving friends. So I respect them all when they tell me things.

Including the fact I need to boost my confidence again. And I will.  How will I do this?  BFBC challenged me to write down five things I want to accomplish before the end of the year.  Life lists are wonderful, but I don’t think I could write everything I want to accomplish by the end of my life on one web page. So we’ll do is step-by-step.  Here are the five things I want to accomplish in 2010:

  1. Do something physical to push my limits.  Rock climbing class – scheduled! This is huge for me.  Once a klutz, always a klutz, so this is a big deal for me.  I am both nervous and scared, but in less than two weeks, I will overcome this fear.
  2. Take a wine tasting and/or cooking course.
  3. Pass my real estate sales license exam. Course is completed, test is scheduled for August.  And I need to get cracking on studying again.
  4. Complete my Stratejoy course.  I got all of the emails and package prior to BiSC, but now is the time for me to actually do it.
  5. Take a day trip, by myself, to a beach I’ve never been to before.  Planned for tomorrow IF the weather gets better.  I’m going to the grocery today to pick up stuff for snacks and sandwiches. Hopefully I can do it, but WBZ weather doesn’t look promising. If not, I plan to go next week. Second part of this – try the Quincy Farmer’s Market this Friday.  Again if the weather keeps up.
  6. Yes, I have a sixth, but I will discuss that later in this post.

So those are the five things I want to accomplish this year in order to make myself happier. Because it is true, if I’m happy and confident in myself, the rest, including my love life will fall into place. I truly believe that. And I always knew it deep down, I just needed someone to remind me of it.

What is the sixth item? I’ll tell you. But let me preface it with the fact that I truly believe in doing good for other causes. I always have and I always will. Two of my favorite people  this weekend made public two of my favorite causes.

  • LivitLuvit (check out my blogroll under “Awesomeness”) – Is in the race to become the first MTV TJ. If you haven’t voted for her yet – shame on you. She is awesome. And even though we’ve only chatted through through the interwebs and couldn’t quite achieve our goal of having a glass of wine together at BiSC, I knew she was one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. But why is she awesome? She is just as passionate about saving animals as I am. I’ve donated to the ASPCA monthly for years now (damn you Sarah McLachlan and your commercials) and I adopted my own furbaby two years ago from the wonderful Cape Ann Animal Aid shelter.  But she made it her mission to educate others on animal adoption and she got a LOT OF people talking about it this week. So follow her, vote for her, and just as important – #savethefurbabies.
  • I have a wonderful friend who I’ve known since our first semester in college.  She and I “followed” one another throughout college – same majors/minors, always had at least one class together/semester.  She and I also had two tragedies hit us both three months apart back in 2002. While I’ve always supported ACS, she took it 10 steps further and I am so proud of her.  She formed Team Good to Go for the Relay for Life years ago in Mass several years ago and when she moved out to LA, took it the left coast. I am so proud of her and promised her I will fly out every other year to be a part of it. I was there last year and I will be there again next year.  If you want to donate, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. NOW, to my #6. I want to meet and exceed my goal for the Jimmy Fund Walk.  If all of my IRL and/or blogger friend donated $5 or $10 each, I would do totally meet it. So help a sista out. Please.

3 Responses to “This Is NOT A Pity Party”

  1. Shannon July 15, 2010 at 6:58 am #

    Sounds like a damn good list Mel! and I know you can accomplish it. I wish I could come rock climbing with you!

    • Mel July 15, 2010 at 7:42 am #

      Thanks Shannon – making some headway on it. I wish you could go rockclimbing as well.


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