What I Have Learned from Reality TV

7 Oct

Women never leave high school mentality…

Men never leave college mentality….

It’s just a fact. And let me preface this post with I LOVE BAD REALITY TV. I DO.  But I think I’ve had this realization in my own life and it is just perpetuated on reality TV.  I mean, if you watch any of the trashy shows like the Real World or Bad Girls Miami or Jersey Shore, you just see men and women behaving badly.  Women are speaking ill behind each others’ backs and men are just concerned with bedding them. Think hard – does that sound like your life? Even in the recent past?

And is that what our society has come to? 

Forget the competition shows that actually rewards real talent, but the people on these shows are just there to make themselves – and others – look bad. And expose people for what they are – selfish and immature.

Now is everyone like this? No, highly doubtful. And in many cases, the “reality” is extreme and very much showcases the antics of exhibitionists.  But it does expose the problem in this society. Unfortunately this selfish behavior of some are perpuated in the media. And I don’t like it.

Even if it does make for good TV.   Now back to your regularly scheduled programming….


One Response to “What I Have Learned from Reality TV”

  1. Slamdunk October 7, 2010 at 12:35 pm #

    I think selfishness in society is certainly a problem and the cause of many relationship failures–but it does play out well on tv.

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