So Yea, I Ummmm Totally Dated a Guy from Your Town…

9 Nov

OK, ok, ok – I admit it, I’ve dated more men than I remember. I’ve kissed even more. But that’s pretty much it.  I’ve been reminded of this fact several times in the past few weeks.

The first time was when I was hanging out with the BFBC a couple of weeks ago.  My friend HAD to remind me that I kissed someone when we lived together. Which would be OK, right? WRONG! That led to a larger discussion – both in their basement as we watched TV and my geeky self came out and played with their iPad and  then again later on with myself as I mulled this discussion over in my head – about how many men I actually kissed in that apartment. In my mind, it had only been two.  But when I looked back, it was ummm…well more.  Whoa – I was a busy girl back in those days.

Then this past weekend, as I met up with some of my sororoity sisters (DON’T JUDGE!) who I hadn’t seen in years asked me how I was doing, I told them about work and school and when it came to the dreaded question of who I was with, I had to answer, “well I’ve dated half of the state and I have a blog to prove it.” And they were amused and laughed hysterically at me. 

And then it happened again. One of my sisters told us the town she moved to and I had to say “yep, I dated a guy from there too…” And they laughed. Again.

So you add these two incidents up where I either remember guys I dated or am reminded of guys I dated/kissed and I suddenly think of myself as the kissing bandit. I know, this is a random post, but what am I, if not random. And think of the weirdest situations I have gotten myself in recent years.

Oh and the guy my friend reminded me of in her basement, we think he’s gay now and the dude I dated in my friend’s town – well he’s the biggest d!ckhead I know.  Maybe I need to switch from quantity to quality…


4 Responses to “So Yea, I Ummmm Totally Dated a Guy from Your Town…”

  1. Shannon November 9, 2010 at 6:43 pm #

    I’m still stuck on the fact that you were in a sorority.:)

    • TisWID November 9, 2010 at 7:27 pm #

      I said no judging!! 😉

  2. IntrigueMe November 10, 2010 at 12:35 pm #

    I ditto Shannon’s comment.


    It really doesn’t make a difference to me, but I’m Canadian. I’m too polite. (hehe)

    Anyways, there’s nothing wrong with dating around. You’re a single girl, it’s what you do! You gotta kiss a lotta frogs to find your prince (prince, heh, that’s a dillusion right there)… I think the important thing is that you know how to enjoy and appreciate your singless for what it is, a really special time in your life meant for empowering you and letting you find your inner rock star! So long as that’s what you’re taking away from it, keep kissin’ those frogs!!


  3. Meg November 11, 2010 at 4:17 pm #

    There ain’t nothing wrong with being a kissing bandit – ask BFBC! 🙂

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