What I am Truly Thankful For

22 Nov

Since we’re all starting the holiday countdown and many of us will be traveling in the next few weeks (moi included), I thought I would take a moment to say what I am truly thankful this year. Yes, cheesy. OK, a bit corny. But all in all, a nice thing I want to do. Mostly to remind myself that life is good – and that despite the nastiness 2010 has brought, I am surrounded by good things.  So, I’m gonna get cheesy on your ass and say I am thankful for:

  • My family putting up with my crap – though this year, I was primarily drama-free (yay, me!)
  • Finding a great job that I love going to *most* mornings
  • My cat for learning to snuggle more
  • Heading down South to meet a new member of the family
  • Living in a state where several friends are adding new members to their family and I can watch them grow
  • Going to those six-year-old skating parties – and surviving!
  • Slowly working my way out of debt
  • (Re)discovering Prosecco
  • You, my bloggy and IRL friends
  • Olga – (girls from BiSC know EXACTLY what I’m talking about)
  • The ability to quit Twitter and Facebook when needed
  • Heading on short trips to Miami, NYC, and a much needed trip to Vegas, baby (and Olga)
  • Participating in the Jimmy Fund Half Marathon
  • Finding a non-profit to work with
  • Connecting with new and old friends who are there for me, no matter what

And last, but not least, dating a load of crappy men that give me enough fodder to entertain you on this blog.

So on that note, peace out bitches. Have a wonderful Turkey Day – even if you don’t celebrate, drink a lot of wine, eat a lot of food, and if possible watch of football. I know I will.  Talk with you next week.



One Response to “What I am Truly Thankful For”

  1. Shannon November 22, 2010 at 12:30 pm #

    Love it! Have a great Thanksgiving!

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