Hi! I Missed You! It’s Been A Long Time…

8 Dec

Well, maybe not a long time, but a few weeks.  I have to say as much as I love, need, ADORE writing here, I have to admit it was nice to take some time “off the grid.” I haven’t checked Facebook as often as I used to, I no longer live by Twitter, and I don’t just go around thinking about “what can I write on TisWID” today….

I have to say, it’s taken a lot off of pressure off of me.

I missed it, but with everything going on in my life lately, as I mentioned, it was nice taking a break.

So, not like you have all these burning questions from me, but I figured I take some time to provide an update on the last month or so…

  • I survived my family Thanksgiving – unscathed and unbruised (is that even a word??)
  • I have taken on more responsibility at work – and they have allowed me to do so. I like “stepping up to the plate” – I do it well.
  • I’ve taken some time to read a good book – and get back into a semi-normal workout routine
  • I’ve met several new people and have had a good time getting to know them
  • I’ve relaxed a bit and let go of all this stupid pressure I’ve put on myself to find the right man (he’ll come)
  • I think I’ve gotten over the worst of my “transition” phase. I no longer wake up angry at people these days.

And yes, I have still pondered the great questions associated with online dating, such as:

  • Why do you wink at me and not respond when I send an email back
  • Why do you email me and when I reply, you not begin correspondence (HELLLLLO BOYS – you started the convo, KEEP IT UP!)
  • Is this “chemistry” really true chemistry?
  • And why do I spend my hard-earned money on sites that make me pose these questions?

So dear bloggy word, with all that being said and my half-ass update to you all, I have to say, I love writing here and believe its oh-so-cathartic, but there is something about living my life in life and not on the internet that has so much appeal to it. Hence, I will continue my trail of not living and dying by social media and I will not spend money on dating sites (unless, I’m really, really, really, REALLY desperate) and I will not live to figure out topics for this blog. I’m just gonna go on this ride and see where it takes me. And of course, I’ll continue to update as regularly as I want, but for now, “we’re on a break.”


2 Responses to “Hi! I Missed You! It’s Been A Long Time…”

  1. IntrigueMe December 10, 2010 at 5:31 pm #

    I don’t think I can pretend to not be a little bit offended by the last part of your post. If living for your blog is what you were doing (???) then I don’t blame you for wanting out… but it comes across as though you think the rest of us are pathetic or something. (I’m sure that was not your intention but that’s how it reads.)

    Perhaps instead of taking a break from your blog (or taking it out on your blog), you need to re-evaluate what went wrong, and where.

    I can’t speak for everyone but I blog about my life, I don’t live my life so that I can blog. I tweet because I find it entertaining and I love the new friends I’ve made. This is a hobby for me.

    For the record: I also really hate it when people say “do it for the blog” in terms of dating. I’m not going to go on a bad date just so I can blog about it, but damn straight I’m gonna blog about it if I go on a bad date!

    I’m just sayin’, you can’t blame your blog for whatever else it is that’s going on.

    • TisWID December 10, 2010 at 5:39 pm #

      Well, I am sorry it came across as that way. It was not my intention and it was not my point. Not at all. It was a personal reflection on myself and how I handle things and how I feel I used to be attached to my BB at all times to see what was going on. Not about anyone else or their habits.

      And if I remember correctly, the point of this blog is to be able to voice my own opinions and my own thoughts. So if I can’t do that here or talk about what I want to, where else can I? Should I be offended that you want me to censor myself? Should I not be able to talk about myself? DId I want to offend – no, but maybe you should realize that I have changed the way I live because I re-evaluated what went wrong.

      This was not written with any malicious intent – not at all. And I hope you can understand that.

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