Why I Have a Crush on Ben Stein

29 Dec

Do you know Ben Stein? You don’t think so? Of course, you do…

Remember this line?


Yup, that’s Ben Stein. But now he’s not that obnoxious teacher who doesn’t get that Ferris skipped school that day. Today, among other things, he provides brilliant commentary on CBS’ Sunday Morning. Don’t judge me because I wake up every Sunday morning to make my own version of coffee and brunch to watch this show. Don’t judge me b/c I love it. And you can’t judge me b/c I loved what Ben Stein discussed on the last episode.

He talked about giving ourselves the greatest holiday present ever – forgiveness. I know in my last post I mentioned how difficult that would be – and I still believe it. Sometimes I can’t even fathom how to forgive people.  I won’t drone on about 2010 – I’ve done enough of that. But I guess I should listen to Ben Stein’s words and forgive people.  Not for any other reason other than it is what I deserve.  

So I guess this is it – this is me trying to forgive the people who turned their backs on me, weren’t there for me, and never made good on their promises. I can’t forget what  happened, and our friendships will never be the same, but I forgive. And with that I am moving on. 2011 will be better – because, well it has to be.

And in case you are calling me an old fogey for watching Sunday Morning, I think you should watch Ben Stein’s piece. It may just make you feel a bit better too.

Happy New Year y’all!


2 Responses to “Why I Have a Crush on Ben Stein”

  1. Aaron December 31, 2010 at 3:22 am #

    I really liked that piece on Forgiveness from Ben Stein… If I wanted to get a copy of the important message, about forgiveness, is there anywhere that I can find a transcript or where it might be printed out in text….
    Thanks – Aaron

  2. Ashley January 7, 2011 at 5:15 pm #

    Hey! I just saw that you linked up to us (Diffuse 5) in your blogroll and wanted to say a big thank you for that! Keep rocking the blog world!


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