It’s All About the ‘Tude

29 Apr

OK, let’s be honest, I can be a bitch. I can be annoying. I can be grating on people’s nerves and needy.

But I can also be a really nice person and a good friend. And after many years on focusing on the negative, I am working more on focusing on the positive.

Like many people, a lot of crappy things have happened to me in my life. Deaths, layoff, loss of friends, but none of that – and I truly mean none of that should make you a negative person with a bad outlook on life. It’s just not fair. To you and to those close to you.

I was talking with my friend earlier this week and I started telling her that I am re-listening to learnings of The Secret. And what I’ve realized is, in order to be happy, you should actually try and look at the positive and attract happiness into your life.  Let me break it down for you.

The Secret focuses on how to best attract the things you want in life.  A new job, the love of your life, money, a new puppy -whatever.  You can attract and bring into your life the things you want. No, you can’t just wish it into your life, but by visualizing what you want and feeling how you’ll feel when you have it, you’ll enact certain actions that will bring those things to your life.  As I looked back on my life, that is so true.

Case in point. My condo. I remember when I first decided to put in an offer and the P&S was finally being signed, my real estate agent turned to me and said “Just look, this is where you’re going to come home to every night and look at that view.”  And I got my condo. Not solely because I wished for it, but because it wasn’t an effort or a problem to do things to make it work. I wanted it so badly and visualized it so much, that not only did the universe move things into action which allowed me to buy it (including having the old owners acquiese on an outrageous price), but I pushed for certain things to happen in order for me to buy it.

Same with jobs. When I wanted them bad enough, I put in my energy to research and put on a better face and had a better attitude. Usually those were the job offers that came in instantaneously.

So where am I changing my attitude these days? In almost every facet of my life. I’ve spent so many years sad and hurt by the events and others in my life, that I forgot to enjoy my life and just be happy. Simple and happy. I am going to enjoy the weekends more – whether I’m out and about with friends or chilling with the Bellmeister. I am going to enjoy  my trips to Nantucket, Miami, and LA, no matter what the cost.  The love of my life will appear sooner rather than later.

No doubt things will arise that will distract me or hurt me or make me angry. But the best thing I can do is quickly change my ‘tude and try and turn it around to a positive experience.  I owe it to myself.


2 Responses to “It’s All About the ‘Tude”

  1. kristen April 29, 2011 at 2:26 pm #

    the secret way of thinking has changed my life. i read it last november and my whole attitude shifted. i was single and dating the wrong men, telling myself i would never meet a good guy. after reading the book, i really saw my life with someone- someone who had the same dreams as me, wanted to live the same life. i didn’t worry or stress about meeting him; i knew i would meet him in 2011. we had our first date on 2/12 and have been together nonstop since then. we’ve planned our lives together after such a short time. it’s crazy, but it’s right. and it’s because of the secret.

    have you made a vision board?

    • TisWID April 29, 2011 at 2:46 pm #


      No, I haven’t created the vision board yet, but I have been collecting photos that I need to add to it. That should my project for this weekend!!

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