The Time BFF Thought I Was Engaged…

3 Jul

Full disclosure: BFF and I had BFF weekend and knows I’m writing this blog. We had such a great time and I’ll blog more about that later. But I have a story to write that she relayed to me last night, so here goes:

Five years ago BFF got married and I was the MOH. And let me tell you, I think I was probably the bestest of all MOH in the world.  I planned two bachelorette parties AND a shower all from Beantown with two out of three parties taking place in the Sunny South.  All good and a lot of fun, with of course a little bit drama. But that’s for another blog, for another day.

Anyway, the night of her wedding, after all the food was eaten and all the alcohol had been drunk and all the gifts had been transported and yes, I had gotten home safely, I received, what I thought, was a drunken, emotional, tearful call from BFF.

Last night, I found out I was wrong. I never signed or added a photo in her wedding book. Not for any other reason, other than the fact, that I was so busy that day and night, I simply forgot. And to this day, I have yet to go and sign it or add a picture to it, which all the guests did. Why do it now? We all know I was there and it’s kinda funny that I haven’t.

But my two dates actually took  a Polaroid picture and signed it together. Yes, my two dates – who thought they were being funny – included the Seven Year Man and my dad. (I’m sure a lot of vodka was imbibed when they took the picture  and made the comment: “Yes, we’re finally getting married!”) Or something along those lines.

Anyway, BFF thought that was our way – meaning mine and Seven Year Man’s way – of telling her that we were engaged. What I thought was a tearful call on her wedding night, was really her way of asking me if we were engaged. When I wasn’t giving her that answer, she busted out her acting chops and faked being an emotional new bride. Good, huh?

And five years later over sushi and several glasses of plum wine, she explained to me that she was not being an overemotional bride, with new responsibilities and a new husband, but she thought she was now a soon-to-be happy MOH herself. Which of course, she was not.

This story turned out to be news to me…and a fun story to share with you all.

If you know us, you know this is funny.

And to this day, she is expecting to be a MOH soon.


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