Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

11 Jul

So I’ve realized over the course of the last couple of weeks how extremely lucky I am.  Over the last year, I’ve had my ups and my downs. And like the Negative Nancy I’ve been in the past, I focused on the downs. On how people weren’t there for me, how they talked behind my back, and how I let that get to me. Which is the thing that infuriates me the most, I let it affect me.  Which just makes  me cringe.

Until now.

Until I realized that the negative stuff shouldn’t change who I am or how I feel about myself.  Dammit, I stopped letting others change my mood – negatively. And you should too – if that does bother you. So I looked at the good in my life. I looked at the success I’m having at my job; the trips I’ve taken – Nantucket (wine, wine, and more wine with some great gal pals), Miami (you need some dad time), and this week to LA LA Land (a little ACS Relay time with T-Dawg); BFF’s visit; and most recently, my bday week.

Yes, my friends, I turned 25 (yes, again – hush up and let me live this dream in my mind.) It was truly unexpected and for the first time in a really long time, I realized I mattered to people. Really, people cared enough to take me out to dinner, post all over my Facebook wall, send me well wishes over Twitter, sent me cards; a few gifts; and have a big ol’ party with us.   Plus I came into the office to these lovely gifts on my desk….I mean what else can a girl ask for?


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