Why Lie On An Online Profile?

19 Oct

Sorry its been a few weeks since I last posted, but it has been a busy time in my life.  All good stuff and more to discuss later on, but right now I’ve been swirling a big question around in my brain: why do people lie when they post an online profile?

Random question, I know. But is it? Here’s why I ask. I went out with someone I met on eHarmony last night. He was someone I’ve been chatting and texting with from some time.  And last night, I was work a bit later than usual and he texted me.  After some back and forth, we decided to meet at a popular restaurant in a town close to both of us. I was looking forward to meeting him, even on short notice, because online, he seemed to be a good guy.  Cute, talkative/inquisitive, active, good head on shoulders.

But online profiles can be deceiving.  Yes, he was cute, yes he was talkative when prompted, and yes he was definitely active. However, it suddenly appeared to me why, during our previous correspondence, he avoided any work discussions. Basically, he had a really great job at a major computer company, but about a year ago decided to branch off on his own.  Good right? Yes, but he also said since he did that 10 months ago, he’s spent the last eight months on vacation. A little Peter Pan syndrome in not wanting to grow up – fine, I get it. Enjoy it if you can.

But the bigger thing that I noticed – and it may seem nitpicky, but go with me on it – is that he definitely was not as tall as he claimed he was on his online profile. And I have to ask “why is that?” Why lie about your height to a prospective girlfriend, when clearly it will come out. It makes me wonder, if you can lie about height and you can avoid your work discussion, what else are you hiding?  What else are you holding back on? For me, the date left me with more questions than answers.

Like I said, the superficial stuff may seem petty, but I do think it could lend itself to a larger issue in the end. We should all be proud of ourselves and our accomplishments and who we are.  Why mask it with even a little deceit on an online profile? It just makes me a bit leary about others who may be doing all the same.

The outcome of the night? Well, we ended on a positive note, a hug goodbye, and that was it. I don’t think I’ll hear from him again, but that’s fine.  That’s what dating is all about – meeting new people and having the faith that one day,  you’ll meet one of your soulmates.

I believe it will happen for me. And one day soon, maybe I’ll have some new updates for you on it.


One Response to “Why Lie On An Online Profile?”

  1. F S (@fsusanto) October 21, 2011 at 6:12 pm #

    I read somewhere that on online dating profiles, women lie about their weight, men lie about their height. It’s sad but I think it’s super common. Some of my friends won’t even look at a profile if the guy didn’t meet the height requirement. So I can understand why someone would lie about things, it leads to a bigger audience, bigger chances of meeting someone… but on the flip side, I totally agree, why lie when the truth is going to come out anyways? Anyways, how tall was he anyways?

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