Getting Back into “The Game”

8 Apr

Well folks, has it been two years since I last posted?  TWO YEARS?  Insanity, but a necessity.  A lot has happened since then – friends got married, friends had babies, folks moved, and I, well…I stayed the same. Mostly.

I have to admit, the last two years were interesting.  In many respects. I traveled a bit more, started a job I love (and this is the first time in many years where I can say I am challenged daily and like it!), and found my happiness. With me. I stopped looking for people and events to make me happy and instead, just followed what made me happy.

Last year I dated someone seriously. Fell for someone seriously. And they were two different people. 😉 One broke my heart, one just faded away. You wouldn’t believe which one was which. I also got curious and looked up old boyfriends, to find…well, nothing. And I guess that is the universe trying to tell me something.

So where does that leave me? I grapple back and forth with whether or not a lot has changed. In many respects, life stayed the same and in many others, life completely turned topsy turvy. Biggest thing – I came to peace with me. With who I am. With my faults AND my charms (oftentimes I forgot I had any.) And I embraced them. I date, I work, I travel more, I cook more, created a small garden on my deck in the summer, I read a larger variety of books, and I relax as much as I can. I guess you can say I’m in the same place I was two years ago…only happier. More content. More at peace.

With all of this, comes a new found outlook on this blog. Still rants, still a little bit of a raving lunatic, but a more complete “me.” I need to do some updating, I need to look at my blog roll. I need talk about my happiness more. Because in the end, that is what I found. In me. In my friends. In my past, my present, and as I look toward my future. Hope you’ll join me from time to time during this roller coaster, I call my life.



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