Trying to Understand

12 May

Since my 20s, my friends have tried to tell e that men say what they mean and act the way they feel, and you don’t have to question anything. It’s pretty simple.  There isn’t any questioning.

Yet, I’m questioning.

The last man I enjoyed going out with was the one document here, and at the time, I questioned if I would hear from him. Well I did. And we had a wonderful second date.  He made dinner plans, bought tickets for a comedy show, held my hand, picked me up early, gave me a kiss goodnight, and said he wanted to see me before I left on my next work trip later that week.

We enjoyed each others’ company and texted saying we wanted to hang out again late that evening and the following morning.

Then why didn’t he ask me out again? Why didn’t he jump on the chance to see me again when I suggested the next date? Why didn’t he follow through with seeing me again when he originally said he wanted to? I don’t get it.  I didn’t push, I didn’t act like a drunken mess. We had a great time and I could see a third date and I thought he did too.

I know it’s not my fault. And I’m sure something just changed with him, but I just don’t understand what happened. Why did I get dumped without any explanation?

I know this is just on my path to finding “the one!”  So I’m putting it out to the universe that I AM  READY TO FIND HIM! Bring my one to me already!

Has this happened to anyone else? Please share your stories!



One Response to “Trying to Understand”

  1. whatnews May 17, 2014 at 10:03 am #

    This happens all the time to many women and is reported by many women on many forums.

    The answer is nearly always the same: your problem is competition by hotter women.

    Most women find sexually attractive the same few traits in men (hardbody, tall, detached, confident, …). If you found him so attractive that after 2 dates you feel upset and “dumped” that he did not call again, well, most likely he had a larger choice in women than just you, and that choice included some hotter women than you and he chose one of them.

    When a single, attractive, man wants to date, often he will start with a list of “potentials”, narrow it down to half a dozen candidates that he is willing to date, try them out, and then choose the one (or more) that he finds most attractive.

    Many attractive men are busy enough with their lives that they simply can’t afford to keep more than one girlfriend or friend with benefits or even fuckbuddies, so he stopped calling you even before going for sex with you.

    You may be familiar with dating behaviour by men you and most other women are not sexually attracted to: if you despite that give them a date, they will be keen to continue dating you, and keep calling, because they have no pool of hotter women to choose from.

    No typical woman wants feel pursued by a creep, that is a man who has no better options than herself, and thus is really keen to pursue her.

    Attractive men don’t behave like that with most women. A typical woman desperately wants to feel pursued by a man who has hotter options than herself, but such a man usually chooses one of those better options.

    Except potentially as a fuckbuddy, for obvious reasons, or otherwise for marriage: because many men realize that it is much easier being married to a woman who is constantly worried that her husband continues to have hotter options than herself.

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