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Song Saturday: Ghost

28 Feb




14 Feb

This is how The Recruiter made me feel. I guess he meant it for a bit, but has since changed his mind. I know this may be the latest “love of my life,” but I hope the next one is my final love of my life and will make me feel like this always.

Check out the video!

A Song for Every Situation

31 May

I have Song Saturday always on my brain.  Why? I said it in my last post, I feel that there can be a song that captures every situation we’re in perfectly.  It can be fun, it can be sad, it can anything.

Every time I turn on my iPod, every song reminds me of a situation. Every one brings back a memory. Or it can invoke a feeling of something I want.  For instance, whenever I hear Zedd, I think of Surfer Dude, but whenever I hear Michael Buble’s song “Save the Last Dance“, I know some man is thinking of me when it comes to me. Or whenever I hear “Home“, I always think of the ones I’ve lost (actually, I specifically think of a friend I haven’t spoken to in years – someone who was my best friend, but treated me poorly.  I miss him, but I hope he learned something from our doomed friendship.)

Then there are the happy songs.  The ones that make you want to get up dance, go for a killer workout, or have a girls night out.  Basically, the ones that help you get into your groove. Hold on to those, hold on to them tightly. They are the ones that help you get through the tough times.  And make the better times even more awesome!


Song Saturday: Can’t Drink You Away

26 Apr



Song Saturday: Say Something

19 Apr

Say something, I’m giving up on you
I’ll be the one, if you want me to
Anywhere I would’ve followed you
Say something, I’m giving up on you


Zedd – Stay the Night

12 Apr

I could never say this to you, but this is how I felt about us….I just wish you let me talk to you.

Song Saturday: Jar of Hearts

5 Mar

Somehow this is applicable to just so many people…hope y’all feel good about yourselves….